Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Weekend Update

Last weekend I visited a friend who lives a few hours away.  She has a lovely 14.2hh Connemara gelding and was taking him to his 2nd hunter trial on Sunday. 
I arrived on the Saturday afternoon and we went to walk the course .....

..... there were several different classes using 3 different courses.  We followed the purple course (which was sometimes difficult to distinguish from the pink course!).  The course was nice and straightforward with good, inviting fences.  We were a bit disappointed that there were no drops or ditches but there were some doubles and 2 water jumps.  

The timed section had to be jumped quite quickly and the ground was really wet and slippy so we weren't sure how it would ride.

Saturday evening was tack cleaning and getting all the kit ready.  After a lot more rain that night we knew the ground would be worse but there was no more rain forecast during the day which was good news!  As her horse is a grey we allowed plenty of time to remove the green stains which we knew he would have and got him smart and dressed up for the trailer.

As is often the case the class was running late when we arrived and so it gave us a chance to go and look at the course again.  We watched a few people jumping and decided that everyone was riding at a fairly steady pace. This seemed sensible considering the ground conditions.

When it came to my friends time I tried to get across the first field so that I could watch her over a few fences.  I was quite a long way away but managed to see a few.  Her horse was moving in a lovely rhythm and really enjoyed himself.

These local shows and x-country courses are great fun and a brilliant place to have a go with no pressure.  At this show they allowed people to carry on even after a few refusals which I think is great as you have to start somewhere.  Many of these courses are also available to hire for schooling so get some friends together and have a go. 

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