Monday, 1 February 2016

Horse Treat Review

If you watch my You Tube channel you will know that I tried some new treats for the horses this year.  So, I thought I would do a little review of them here too :)

Every year at Christmas I give the horse's a swede on a string.  Chesney and Basil seem to enjoy them although they never last very long.  Tommy enjoyed his this year too, which I was really pleased about.  

I also made some vegetable treat 'kebabs' on string for them which went down even better and Tommy gave me a bit of entertainment watching him eat it ...

If you would like to see how to make these check out my video:
Polo's always go down well at any time of year :) 

However, I also tried some new things this year.  Several people have said to me this year that horses like ginger biscuits, which I was not sure about but was prepared to try.  These were not popular with my boys though :(  Basil ate a tiny bit but the other 2 spat their biscuit out.  I don't know if I bought the wrong type of ginger biscuit but I ended up eating them instead.

I bought some Mr Johnson's  Equiglo Minty Horse Treats.  These are herby too and to be honest all of the horses were a bit hesitant to start with but grew to really like them!


They are made with wheatfeed, oatfeed, grassmeal, linseed etcetera, I guess to make them into a nut shape, and then some mint liquid is added for the flavour.  I have tried the herby ones of these in the past and the horse ate them but did not seem that keen!  

The really popular new treats were the coconut flavoured ones from KM Elite Products.  I had no idea horses liked coconut but was promised in the shop that they do - and they do!!!

According to their website these 'are made from 100% natural ingredients and include coconut and flaxseed which provide a good source of vital Omega 3, 6 and 9'.  The horses are gobbling these up!

Apples are always a winning treat and I still have some left from my tree.  They have always been popular with Tommy! 

I think that I will get some more of the coconut treats when this bag is empty because they are really handy for treats.  They won't replace the carrots which I usually have for certain times of day but I think for working with Tommy they will be really useful!

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