Monday, 28 March 2016

NAF Easy Breathing Review

Last November I decided that I would start feeding  Basil a supplement to try to support his respiratory system and perhaps prevent his RAO occurring.  I wrote a blog about several supplements that I had looked into last November - read that here.  So, at the beginning of January I started feeding him NAF Easy Breathing.

This looks pretty tasty and contains:  Dried Garlic, Aniseed (listed as Anise Seed), Gingko, Marshmallow and Nettles of the herbs which have been identified with the benefits I was looking for.  It also contains Barberry Bark, Rapeseed Oil and Ginger. 

Barberry Bark is Antibacterial, an Anti-inflammatory,  Bitter, Cholagogue and Hepatic (see my blog for herb actions).  It supports liver function and cleanses a congested system!  Ginger is an Analgesic, Anodyne, Anti-rheumatic, Aromatic, Astringent, Bitter, Relaxant, Stimulant.  Ginger is useful for a range of health problems and helps to speed up the transport of other herbs around the bloodstream.  It also improves the taste.  Rapeseed oil can reduce cholesterol and is a good source of Vitamin E.


The supplement smells good but quite strongly of Garlic (the herb) and Basil (the horse) has had smelly breath too.  Obviously, this also might help to stop the horse flies biting him, if his blood tastes of garlic!  He has been happy to tuck into his feed when the supplement is added which is great because he can be a bit fussy. 

I followed the guidelines and gave him a larger amount for a couple of weeks before reducing it to the maintenance level appropriate for his size.  He has been having the herbs for about 10 weeks and unfortunately they have not had the effect I was hoping for.  Although Basil has not had a full RAO attack - this he usually gets around May/June time and we think is some type of pollen allergy.  He has had swollen glands and a snotty nose on the sunny, more Spring like, days we have had recently. 

It is perhaps not the most appropriate supplement but I can't now decide whether to try another one or if I would be better to save my money for the inevitable vets bill and Ventipulmin!  Perhaps I need one designed specifically for allergies instead.

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