Friday, 16 June 2017

All About ... Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy has been used throughout the centuries.  First mentioned in 200BC by Galen, a Greek physician, magnets have been used in a variety of ways.  However, research is still varied and there is still uncertainty about the effects of magnets on the body.

Magnetic Therapy can improve circulation by encouraging blood flow and therefore increasing cell activity in a particular area.  It is the increase in blood and cell activity in an area that helps to repair and regenerate tissue - therefore encouraging healing!  It is also suggested that magnetic therapy can reduce pain.

Magnets can be used:
·         to warm up muscles and ligaments before exercise
·         to ease aches and pains after exercise
·         to reduce inflammation and encourage new cell growth
·         to calm or soothe a horse

Magnets can also be used to treat injuries, for example:
·         bowed tendons, tendonitis etc
·         ligament injury
·         bone injury

There are a huge range of magnetic products available now for use on horses including leg wraps and blankets.  Many people have found them to be effective.

Remember: horses should not be exposed to magnets whilst they are being exercised.  This is because a result of magnetic therapy is to stimulate the circulatory system which increases body temperature.  Horses already become hot when working!

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