Monday, 14 August 2017

Lots of waffle!

If you follow me on You Tube you will know that I do often start to ramble on ......  I don't do that much on my blog but I decided maybe it was about time.

As I am sitting here, in August - the height of summer apparently - it is raining!  I didn't manage to even lunge Basil this morning as it was so horrible.  Luckily I put his rug on last night so he wasn't cold but I only chose his rain sheet which is only really good for showers.  It rained a lot at the end of the night and the wet was just starting to soak through the rug when I took it off.

I've also noticed in the last week or so that it is getting light not long before I get up now so in another week or so it will be dark when I wake up.  That means not many more early morning rides :(   I love riding early in the morning, I am a morning person so it is when I have the most energy and feel the most inspired.  

The year has whizzed by and I just hope we have a few more good weather weeks in September.  It is sad but I am starting to plan the big autumn tidy up ready for winter.  The stables all need de-cobwebbing, the floors disinfecting and some of the woodwork needs painting.  The new roof looks great and I just hope it is as good as promised over the winter.  To do all these jobs the horses need to be out in the field and at the moment they are still in during the day and I don't really want to swap them onto their winter routine just yet.  Having said that I do want them to have as much more time out without rugs as possible and now it is getting chillier at night that would be easier if they were out in the day - I can't decide!  I will probably leave them as they are until the end of August.

Tommy is now officially mine which is really exciting.  He has settled so much this year and is totally at home now, he knows the routine and just gets on with life.  As he is always going to be just a companion there is not really a whole lot more that I need to teach him.  We are still working on the catching in the field and the tying up though.  

Chesney is making progress with his Cushings now, the tablets are definitely making a difference and I hope he is feeling as much better as he seems - he is losing his hairy coat, eating more and his stable is not so wet :)

Basil is pretty well (and I just hope I haven't tempted fate saying that) he is 16 this year and I will have had him 10 years in a few weeks.  That means it is 10 years since I first met and fell in love with his wonderful and gentle personality.  Of course he can be a bit loopy to ride but he really is the kindest and most affectionate horse.  

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