Sunday, 4 February 2018

January Reveiw 2018

This last couple of weeks I have really started noticing that the days are getting longer, it is light until 5pm now.  So far there is no difference in the morning as it is still dark when I finish the horses but the time the sun rises is creeping forward every day :)

Basil has now started to moult, he is the only one so far.  Chesney's moulting has been a bit odd for the last year or 2 but I would think he will be 'normal' this year as he has been on Prascend for over 7 months now.  Tommy is holding on to his thick coat but I can see days coming where he will be too hot with all that hair!

I am expecting the physio out to Basil on Friday so hope that she will say there is further improvement in his back tenderness - I think he is even better than when she came last, at the end of December.  He is desperate to do some more work, I am trying to do 3 lunge sessions a week and 2 pole exercise sessions but the weather is making it tricky.  I can't try the pole exercises if it is too windy because Basil is much too jumpy and for my safety it would be a bad idea.  I can lunge if it is a bit windy but don't like to if it is raining, then he gets all wet and I can't put him back in the field. 

We haven't done too badly:

1st - pole exercises - first time trying these, quite good
5th - lunged, a bit loopy but he did stay on the circle
6th - tried to do the pole exercises today but Chesney was being very naughty and ran up and down the fence alongside the arena, this made Basil bomb about too :(  so I had to give up
7th - pole exercises today and pretty successful
9th - lunged today and he was silly to begin with bombing around the arena, then settled to proper normal work

10th - pole exercises - making progress
12th - lunged and very good today
13th - pole exercises again - v.v. good :)
14th - lunged and very good again
16th - lunged and started well, had a loopy moment in the middle but then settled back down again
19th - lunged - very good
23rd - lunged and quite windy so pleased he was good
27th - lunged, good boy
28th - pole exercises and pretty good

I am hoping to get his saddle this month so should be able to start riding a bit again - let's hope he is not too silly!

Over the last few weeks I have been putting hay out in the field, I usually do this just after working with Basil so he and Chesney are still up by the gate.  I have been taking the opportunity and working on getting up to Tommy to pat him and give him a treat and he is getting even more confident and less jumpy every week:)

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