Sunday, 4 March 2018

February 2018 Review

So February hasn't been quite as successful as January, the weather has been worse and often the ground too frozen to do anything, or the wind too strong.  Although it is now light by the time I have finished the horses in the morning AND nearly until I have finished them in the evening I have not enjoyed this month.   Snow this week and temperatures low enough to freeze all the taps made things a bit tricky. However, we now have a new saddle, Basil's back seems A LOT better and we are so ready for spring.  

This is how February looked:

1st - Farrier, Basil had his back shoes back on in anticipation of being told I can start riding :)

2nd - pole exercises today

4th - lunged and very good

6th - lunged again today, cantered on wrong lead on right rein L  back to trot, go again

7th - pole exercises

9th - Physio today - Basil is still making great progress, I can start riding, just walk and only for 10 minutes to start with.  Increasing to half an hour over the next 6 weeks.

11th - lunged, windy and he was a bit silly today.  Found Chesney's broken tooth.

12th - vet to Chesney to check his tooth, apart from the fact that one side is missing it looks fine.  PPID blood test too - all good, new changes to his tablets needed.


15th - hunt meeting


18th - new saddle fitting, s

23rd - tried to lunge Basil but on the way to arena he had a 'moment' I lost him and ended up on my face in the mud !


Let's just hope March is better, some better weather would be good and I would love the field to start drying out.

What a handsome boy!

These 2 have been troublesome this month :(

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Until next time!   

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