Saturday, 12 May 2018

April 2018 Review

The month finished well, Basil and I can get going now, weather is improving and sun is shining.  Basil has lost most of his winter coat and is looking super shiny and healthy, Chesney and Tommy still have some to lose. 

This is how April looked:

1st - rode in the arena for about half an hour.  Basil is starting to look for a bit of a contact which is progress.  We had a short trot on each rein, once around the arena - too fast though because he wanted to canter!

3rd April - lunged today, it was a bit windy and Basil went loopy at the end.

6th - lunged today, he was better, still a little loopy.

7th - rode in the arena again, today we did some serpentines in walk and some leg yield too.   Slightly longer trots today but they were still a bit fast and I don't have much control so I think I will put his flash strap back on his noseband next time.

8th - same as yesterday J

I was ill :)

14th - & 15th - lunged again, better, still a bit excited.

17th - tried to lunge, really windy, total disaster.

18th - rode today, same as last time but with the flash strap on.  I did feel slightly more in control.

20th - lunged - good!!

21st - arena today.  Walk circles, loops, serpentines and leg yield on each rein.  We had 3 trot on each rein today is better but they are too fast still.

22nd - hack out today JJ  First for months and Basil was really good considering how long it has been.  We did jog home as expected.

25th - lunged today and he was pretty good.

27th - physio came out today to check on Basil.  Really pleased with his progress and she says she won't need to come out and see him again.  We can get going properly now.

29th - lunged - good.

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