Sunday, 3 June 2018

May 2018

The end of May was a weather nightmare but Basil and I are making progress - finally - and as I write this the sun is again shining :)  Having read back through my April review I can really tell how much progress we are making - it is really good writing this all down to look back on.

This is how May looked:

1st - windy today, lunged and he was surprisingly good!

4th May - lunged again today, very good again.

6th - hacked out, better than last time, a bit joggy on the way back but walked a bit too, so good to be out and about.

7th - rode in the arena today, serpentines and leg yield in walk.  Trot leg yield and circles, the trotting is getting better, bit more balanced so I felt OK to have a canter today, just on the right rein down the long side, bit fast but that was not a surprise.

8th - lunged today.

9th - rode in the arena and definitely getting better. Similar to last time, 1 canter on left rein today, all the way around.

11th - lunged today.

12th - arena today.  Walk and trot circles, serpentines and leg yield.  Today we had a canter on each rein, wrong lead on 2nd canter (left rein) which as usual was because he is too excited and not listening to me.  -Trot still improving J:)

13th - As yesterday but we achieved the correct leads on both canters today.  Chesney is a little bit lame on a front leg so I didn't want to hack out as he would just run up and down and hurt it more.

15th - arena again today, contact is getting better, more supple.  Still very fast in canter but after such a long break it is bound to be very exciting for him.

18th - lunged - very good!!

19th - arena and the same again.  Our 2nd canter got steadier at the end too, which is progress.

20th - hack today, bit speedy on the way back but lovely to be out again.

22nd - lunged today, early morning as I swapped them to their summer routine a couple of days ago.  Which means they are out at night and in the stables in the day out of the sun and away from the flies.

23rd - rode in the arena early today, windy so please Basil was so good.  Canter speedy again and his trot gets fast and out of control when he thinks it is time to canter.

26th - lunged and very good today.

27th - Thunder and Lightning - not riding today!!!!!

28th - rode in the arena today.  Just walk and trot as I had very sore legs from walking up too many hills yesterday and Basil's canter is very hard on my thighs at the moment.  As usual a bit rushed in trot towards the end of our session - this is when Basil thinks it is time to canter.  Circles, serpentines and leg yield in walk and trot.

29th - lunged - good today, so pleased he has settled again now:)

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