Sunday, 8 July 2018

What happened in June!

June has ended with some seriously hot weather.  The horses are not enjoying it at all, neither am I.  Riding early in the morning (6am) is the only way to enjoy it and ensure Basil is not over stressed with the heat.  We are making progress in some ways and not in others.  Trot is improving but canter continues to be much too fast, there may be an occasional glimmer of hope with our canter - let's see what July brings.

This is how June looked:

1st - lunged today, nothing exciting happened! 

2nd - arena today.  Walk and trot exercises as usual. Left canter was not too bad but a bit fast, Basil got very silly when I changed the rein and kept going sideways so we couldn't get canter on the right rein.

3rd - arena again.  Definite improvements to our trot work, more balanced. We cantered on the right rein first today and it was a bit fast but the transition was OK.  Basil did his own transition on the left rein but after yesterday's disaster I just went with it as we had the correct lead... still a bit fast.

5th - lunged and very good again.

6th - arena today and we tried some leg yield away from the track as well as towards in walk and trot on both reins, pretty good.  Turn on forehand, the first quarter turn is always better than the second.  Canter transition was good again, right rein first but very, very fast canter.  Managed a few steadier strides on the left rein.

7th - lunged again, good again.

9th - rode in the arena.  Some good trot serpentines today.  Speedy canters but some steadier strides on left rein on circle.  

10th - hack out today, very good, no jogging J

12th - arena and we did some more leg yield towards and away from the track.  Bit fast today as Basil wanted to canter.  Canters too fast again.

13th - lunged.

15th - lunged again today, good until the end when Basil had a few loopy circuits.

16th - some nice trot work today.

17th - early morning hack, lovely.

19th - lunged today and he again had a loopy turn at the end and bombed around at the end of the lunge line.

20th - arena and the improvements are continuing.  Trot, circles and serpentines were good today and we had a few steady left canter strides.

22nd - lunged again, little loopy moment in the middle, but settled again.

23rd - arena and some good trot work, more balance, steadier (mostly), nice contact, rhythm improving.  Canter tooooo fast again, a few good strides on left rein.

24th - hack in the early morning again, lovely temperature, no cars or cyclists on the road.

26th - lunged and better today.

27th - arena, circles and serpentines today, trot work continues to improve but canter is still too fast.

29th - lunged

30th - arena and we really struggled to get left canter, wrong lead 3 times before we finally got it.  He gets too excited and his neck and body get all wiggly and all over the place and he doesn't listen to me.  Good walk leg yield but the trot le yield was too fast today.

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