Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A - Z of Bones and Cartilage.

A is for Axis or Atlas
B is for Breastbone
C is for Cranium
D is for Distal Sesamoid Bone
E is for External Frontal Crest
F is for Femur
G is for Guttural Pouch - sorry, not really a bone or ligament!
H is for Hyoid Bone
I is for Ischium

J is for Joint
K is for Knee
L is for Lumbar Vertebra
M is for Maxilla
N is for Nuchal Ligament

O is for Olecranon Process
P is for Pisiform bone
Q is for - no, don't think there is one.
R is for Radius
S is for Scapular Cartilage
T is for Tibia

U is for Ulna
V is for Vertebra
W is for Withers ( is all I can find)
X is for Xiphoid cartilage of sternum
 Y is for  - any suggestions?
Z is for Zygomatic Arch

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