Monday, 7 September 2015

Star Brush Review

In June I bought a 'Star' brush for Tommy, these are similar to the 'Magic' brushes.  It looked and felt exactly the same!  Having used these brushes on some horses I looked after last winter I was impressed and wanted to try one at home.

I have really only used this brush on Tommy who has a really scurfy and greasy coat.  He probably was never brushed for the first 5 years of his life before he was rescued.  The R.S.P.C.A. and Blue Cross would have certainly not been able to brush him initially - he was too nervous.  He is now being brushed a few times a week which is helping us bond and building his confidence.  I used the 'Star' brush to start with as it is smaller than the flicky dandy brush that I bought for him.  Although, it makes a slightly funny noise it doesn't worry him.

This is what they say about these brushes: 
  •  No bristle loss and virtually indestructible
  • Easily and thoroughly removes dried sweat from the coat
  • Easy to clean and can even go in the washing machine
  • Easy cleaning of hoof frog and the smallest of gaps in the shoe

I am not going to disagree with any of these statements. However, I have never had a problem with any of my brushes losing bristles, some of them are over 10 years old.  Many of my brushes have been dropeed and trodden on by Chesney over the years - they are still in one piece.  I will agree that dried sweat is difficult to remove and I have not tried the 'Star' brush with this as Tommy does not get sweaty.  I really don't find soaking my brushes to wash them a problem - although this won't be hot enough to kill any bacteria (but neither would my washing machine).  I may try this brush for cleaning their hooves - but generally find an old dandy brush good for this as you need the strength and hardness of the bristles.  

I am still not sure that the bristles will be strong enough to get rid of the clay which we have where I keep the horses.  During the winter they will get covered in it and it is a nightmare to get off.  I think that the bristles are too soft and will just bend over the clods of mud rather than remove it.  I have also not noticed that it makes Tommy's coat particularly shiny in comparison to Basil and Chesney who I have not used the brush on.


I am glad I tried this brush and may find a use for it but as for using it regularly on Tommy I think I will just use a good old dandy brush, curry comb and body brush.

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