Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Aniseed as a healer!

As I have been looking at Breathing Supplements for Basil I have discovered several more herbs that I would like to find out more about.  Aniseed is originally from Egypt so the chances of actually growing it here are small.  I am not keen on the flavour personally - but who knows what the horses would think!

It does seem to be a useful addition for a respiratory supplement which is good!  As it is also useful for digestive problems it is likely to be an all round good herb for Basil.

See my
herb blog for the meanings of these.
Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Aromatic, Carminative, Diuretic, Expectorant, Galactagogue, Pectoral, Stimulant, Stomachic, Tonic.

It must not be fed to pregnant mares.

Part Used:

Internally it can be used for digestive problems, when mixed with Fennel for colic, mixed with Coltsfoot and Horehound for coughing and also for respiratory problems.  It is also useful for increasing milk flow. 

Externally the oil can be used for lice and other parasites. 

20 - 30gms added to feed daily.

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