Thursday, 7 January 2016

December Review

December went so quickly, but I did manage to get some riding in and extra over the Christmas break :)  Basil has been enjoying working again and likes to try hard to get it right.  He is already offering a roundness and looking for a contact but I am not pushing this as he is not very fit yet.  Having a few days off at the beginning of December meant I got some extra riding in but the weather has continued to be horrid and this has limited us.  

My December aims for Basil were:
  1. Calmness 
  2. Rhythm 
  3. Suppleness 
  4. Consistency of bend on left rein 
  5. Halt transitions 
  6. Walk 
  7. Trotting 
  8. Circles, serpentines and changes of rein.
You hopefully saw my pictures of Tommy wearing tinsel on his head!  That we achieved that amazes me.  He has also been wearing his rug a bit more with the really horrid weather and is totally used to that coming on and off and the noise of the velcro.  The Christmas treats which I did for them were a big hit - check out this week's video to see.    

This is what December looked like:

1st - Hacked out!  First time in weeks and really pleased as Basil was fairly calm. He got a bit speedy on the way back and we were only out for 20 minutes but still good to be out again.

2nd - Schooled for 25 minutes today.  Same as last time but we also had a canter on each rein, just down the long side.  Basil has always found cantering much easier than trotting - I guess because he was a racehorse.

4th - Lunged today, mostly good but he was a bit silly with a bit of a buck and canter - un planned!

6th - Schooled again today.  Basil kept jumping at a little Robin which was bobbing in and out of the hedge :)  However, we managed some good leg yield in walk, 20 metre circles in walk and trot, walk serpentines and a little canter on each rein again.

11th - Lunged and he was pretty good today.

13th - Hacked out again.  Not so great today, Basil freaked out at a huge group of crows in a field and spun around and started cantering home.  I managed to stop him and turn around but could not get him to go forward and past the crows.  I know from experience there is no point in making a huge issue out of it with him so we walked forward into a turn and came home (faster than I would have liked).

18th - Loopy lunging again today, Basil just galloped up and down.  Managed a couple of minutes sensible lunging on each rein at the end.

20th - Schooled today, great session.  Walk, trot, 20 metre circles, leg yield and 10 metre circles in walk and a canter around the school on each rein.

23rd - Farrier,  Tommy was still a bit tricky with his near hind leg.  But we got it done.  Practise makes perfect.

24th - Lunged today, much better.

25th - Schooling 30 minutes.  Great, walk serpentines, leg yield, circles as last time :)  Basil is starting to look for a contact again now too.

27th - Hack out, disappointing as Basil would not go past the point where we saw the crows last time.  Unfortunately, there were a group of cyclists behind some trees and they were difficult to make out so I don't think that helped.  Did not make a big issue, we will get past next time.

28th - Schooling.  I put a pole back down so that we could get used to it again.  I needn't have worried as it was a total non-issue and Basil went straight over it (no jumping).  We walked and trotted over the pole and again did as last time.

29th - Hacked out.  We got past our frightening spot today and had a nice ride, still short though.

31st - Lunging, good today.  Walk, trot and a little canter.

My January aims for Basil are:
  1. Calmness 
  2. Rhythm 
  3. Suppleness 
  4. Consistency of bend on left rein 
  5. Halt for more than 2 seconds! 
  6. Encouraging contact
  7. All transitions
  8. Circles, serpentines and changes of rein.
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