Thursday, 4 August 2016

Review July 2016

Not a very exciting month July :(  Basil has been slightly lame on his off fore for a while now. He lost his shoe near the end of June and I think that he must have slightly pulled a muscle when doing it.   He has not been lame when pottering about in the field but if he does a tighter turn into his stable it is noticeable and he was lame in trot on the right rein.  So I gave him some time off work to recover. 

Then a couple of weeks ago I thought he was finding breathing a bit more difficult than usual so called the vet out.  After an RAO free spring it hit late this year and he had to have a steroid injection and extra drugs in addition to his Ventipulmin.  Luckily he was feeling quite a lot better after a couple of days and 10 days later seems to be back to his normal!  I have managed to lunge him for 2 days now, although it is mostly walk he has made sure I know he is feeling better by bombing about when he is supposed to be quietly trotting :)  Have a look at yesterday's video to see.

Tommy has been back out with the others for a couple of weeks now.  Initially I put them together so that they all had good access to the trees when it was so hot. They are still together because this week I have some work being done on the fence and they need to be out of the way!  They are all on seriously limited grazing so it shouldn't matter for a while. 

The good thing about this is that Tommy can get right up close to the gate and this is where I can get the headcollar on.  So we have been practising with the headcollar in the field EVERY morning for a couple of weeks.  If he is a little bit further from the gate he is too nervous for me to put the headcollar on, but, a few months ago I wouldn't have been able to put it on here either :)

Chesney has been very happy that I have not been riding Basil because it means they are not separated - which Chesney hates.  He still has not lost all his winter coat and after more discussions with the vet we think he might have some degree of Cushings.  

He is now looking better than he has for almost 2 years so that is good news.  However, I am back to watching his weight carefully again!

I am hoping August will be more exciting - we haven't jumped for almost a year now because of all the time Basil had off with his tooth:(

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