Friday, 16 September 2016

All About ... Recurrent Uveitis

What is it

Recurrent Uveitis, Moon blindness or Periodic Ophthalmia is the most common condition occurring inside the eyeball of horses.  It is most often seen in horses 3 - 7 years old.  The condition can clear up and improve only to recur a few months later but it often eventually causes permanent blindness. 


  • Tears running down the cheeks 
  • Sensitivity to light 
  • Closing or swollen eyelids 
  • Conjunctivitis 
  • Occasionally the pupil won't dilate 
  • May be pus in anterior chamber of the eye


It is not certain what causes Recurrent Uveitis, suggestions include:

  • Viral Infection 
  • Bacterial Infection 
  • Parasitic Infection 
  • Auto- immune disease 
  • Trauma


Call the vet.  They will perform  a clinical examination of the eye initially, this with known history of the horse may lead to a diagnosis. 


Treatment during the first episode is critical to limit the damage caused to the eye.  The treatment may include corticosteroids given as eye drops which will reduce the inflammation.  Unfortunately these can also slow the healing process .  Non-steroidal medications may also be given and Atropine eye drops will help to reduce the inflammation.


Ensure your horse receives a balanced diet to ensure they are in the best possible health.  Prevent trauma to the eye by using eye masks, feeding from the ground and checking fields and stables for any protruding objects which could cause trauma.

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