Monday, 19 December 2016

Lusitano Horses

If you saw my video about 'Your Horse Live 2016' you will have seen  me talk about Lorenzo the Flying Frenchman.  The horses he works with are Lusitano - and they are beautiful!  Related to the Andalusian horses they were not recognised as an individual breed until the 1960's. 

Lusitano's are agile and sure footed making them a versatile and useful horse.  They are also hardy enough to be able to survive weather extremes!  


The origin of the  Lusitano and Andalusian horses can be traced back to the wild horses of the Iberian Peninsula. 

They were used as war horses 1100 - 600 BC, later Barb blood was added (700AD) by invaders and the resulting horses (Iberian horses)were in demand as a cavalry horse but also for bullfighting and dressage displays. 

When the studbooks were established in the 1960's the Portuguese Iberian horses became known as Lusitano, the Spanish, Andalusian.


Height:  15hh to 16hh

Colour:  Usually grey.  Other solid colours are seen.

Conformation:  Small, straight head with expressive eyes.  A short thick neck and long sloping shoulders.  The 
body is compact and strong and the legs are strong and clean.

Temperament: Intelligent, bold, agile and willing.

Used  as good all round riding horses but also for driving, dressage and bull fighting .

Lusitano Breed Society of Great Britain website:

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