Thursday, 8 December 2016

November Review 2016

November has mostly been a disappointment with Basil, we have made a little progress in the last week but things are just not where I would like them to be.  Tommy's leg is much, much better though - so that is fantastic.

My Aims for November:

1.       Calmness - especially in canter
2.       Rhythm 
3.       Suppleness 
4.       Correct canter leads on both reins
5.       Consistency of bend on left rein 
6.       Having more consistent contact in trot
7.       Longer periods working on the bit
8.       Trot serpentines need to be more consistent
9.       Improve our canter, more rounded
10.   Trotting poles

Honestly, most of this has been a disaster during November :(

This is what November  looked like:

1st - rode in arena today, Basil has had 3 days off because he had his teeth done on Friday.  We did some walk and trot over a pole and some trot serpentines - these were OK but have been better.  We managed some nice right canter but I could not get left canter, Basil kept falling out through his shoulder and avoiding - eventually we managed the correct lead.  I wonder if his mouth is still a bit sore.

2nd - lunged today, I think I will give him a few more days off from riding in case his mouth is sore.

4th - lunged again, we are in a good place with our lunging again now!

5th - Basil has half pulled his shoe off, it is fine but I had to pull a nail out which was sticking out at a nasty angle.

8th - farrier came to sort Basil's shoe.

11th  - I rode in the arena again today.  Basil jumped and shot off because there was someone with their dog on the footpath - I couldn't pull him left, he totally evaded.  He is still difficult on the left rein so we didn't canter today. 

12th - hack out today, no problems just a gentle potter.

15th - lunged again today.

18th - arena today. We managed some nice round and soft work in walk and trot, we had an OK right canter but then it all went wrong again with the left canter.  Basil always rushes when he anticipates canter but he is worse and keeps falling out - when I put my leg on to stop him he gets faster :(      

20th  - Lunged today - good :)

22nd - Lunged

23rd - arena and I have changed Basil's bit.  He was so much better, didn't fight me, didn't stick his head in the air , didn't fall out, we had some good canters on the correct leads!

24th - found bruises on Chesney's soles - explains why he has been more uncomfortable than usual this week :(

25th -  arena.  We managed some OK trot serpentines and some fair work in walk and trot.  Canter on the right rein was find but we got the wrong lead the first time on the left rein, rushing again.

26th - lunged.

27th - arena again today, Basil is still better in this bit.  We did some good walk and trot leg yield and serpentines.  Correct canter leads first time on both reins he is a bit strong in this bit though!

29th - arena again and Basil was not so good today.  We got some good circles in walk and trot but our trot serpentines weren't very balanced or rhythmical.  Left canter was tricky again today - frustrating.

30th - too icy to use the arena today or go on the road.

Things can only get better- can't they.  I only have 5 because we really are needing to go back to basics.

1.       Calmness 
2.       Rhythm 
3.       Suppleness - in every pace :(
4.       Improved brakes!
5.       Correct canter leads

Tommy's leg is so much better :)

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