Thursday, 4 May 2017

April 2017 Review

I am pleased to say that the progress we made in March has continued.  Basil is definitely happier in this new bit with the flash strap and I have more control.  I have been working hard on practising my sitting trot too this month - definitely improving.

My Aims for April were: 

1.       Calmness - definitely getting better
2.       Rhythm - ditto
3.       Suppleness - ditto
4.       More balance - ditto
5.       Correct canter leads - Yes!!
6.       Turn on forehand - not much practise but needs work
7.       Leg yield - most of the time we have this in the bag, unless he is thinking canter
8.       Poles - fail.  I haven't put them out again since levelling the arena :(

This is what April  looked like:

1st  - Basil's nose seems much better today, no blood, so I lunged him gently, very good.

2nd  - rode in the arena today, not bad, we did some good leg yield and serpentines in walk and trot before we cantered.  Did some circles in canter and got some good transitions but the canter was a bit speedy.

3rd - got the vet out to check Chesney as I thought he might have an abscess. Poulticed for a couple of days.

6th - rode in arena today, leg yield and serpentines again.  Canter is getting more balanced.  We also did some loops in walk and trot.  Basil had colic this evening :(  spasmodic as usual - probably because of his windsucking!

8th - rode in the arena - same again, still improving.

9th - arena again as did not want Chesney to run around on his foot.  We are getting correct lead in canter every time now and it definitely feels more balanced - Basil is starting to look for a contact too :)  Tommy nickered to me today - so exciting and I tied him up and washed the bottom section of his tail, what an angel.

11th - great ride in the arena today.  Looking for contact, not bad trot serpentines, nice leg yield.  Quite calm canters (for Basil), not too fast and the rhythm is getting better.  So please he seems to be settling.

12th  - lunged today, bit of a skip about and a jump into canter but just enjoying himself

14th - schooling again, nice circles in walk, trot and canter.  Again looking for contact - progress continuing.

15th - lovely hack today and he was really brave there were new drains with scary white concrete and a bouncy castle!!!!  We did walk back fast but we did walk and not jog :)

16th - lunged today, managed a good big circle today too.

17th - still doing well in the arena.  Just so relieved we are moving in the right direction.  He is still slightly tilting his head in canter on the right rein (only on that rein and only in canter) but I am hoping that will get better as he settles back again. 

18th - arena again today.  Tried turn on the forehand from right to left which was better the 2nd time.  Good trot circles and serpentines mostly with a good bend and contact and rhythm.  Canters still a bit rushed but improving.

19th - lunged today, as usual Basil was good

21st - lunging.

22nd - lovely hack today, nice to get out and potter!

23rd -  arena today, nice circles in walk, trot and canter.  Right trot leg yield was tricky today, I think Basil was thinking it was time to canter - but we hadn't cantered yet!

25th - lunged - clever boy.

26th - arena with some good trot serpentines, Basil is bending and coming on to the bit on these now!  Canters continue to get better and calmer but he is still anticipating and they are still a bit fast.

28th - rode in the arena today again.  We did lots of trot circles before we cantered today and I waited until Basil had relaxed and dropped his head before asking for the transition.  Much better, this is easier now he is fitter, before I did not want to trot for ages first because he wasn't fit enough!  Lovely leg yield in walk and trot today too.

29th - hack today and we went past lots of road signs and orange barriers - he was very clever :)

30th - arena today and it was really windy so VERY pleased with Basil as he only jumped once.  Lots of circles again today and Basil worked on the bit in trot for longer today.  Better balance and rhythm in all paces - some lovely trots.

My Aims for May  are the same:

1.       Calmness
2.       Rhythm
3.       Suppleness
4.       More balance in canter
5.       Correct canter leads
6.       Turn on forehand
7.       Leg yield
8.       Poles

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