Monday, 2 October 2017

Glenburnie - greatest horses

Glenburnie was a grey thoroughbred gelding and (with Murphy Himself) was one of Ian Stark's great greys!

He was born in  1976, bred to race with hopes of winning the Cheltenham Gold Cup his sire was Precipice Wood and his dam Maytime.  At 4 years old he went for training with Ian Stark and started his eventing career age 6.

In 1985 they won the Scottish Novice Championships and at Bramham was 11th - his first 3 day event.

In 1986 Glenburnie had to have an hobday operation - which is when a piece of laryngeal tissue is surgically removed causing a scar to form which will 'tighten' the larynx in a more open position - to allow more air in. 

They won at Brigstock in 1987 but with a leg injury ended up not competing for the rest of the year and missing out on the European Championships (for which they had been shortlisted).  In 1988 Glenburnie and Ian were 2nd at Badminton but another injury put him out of the Seoul Olympics :(

In 1989 they were part of the Gold winning team at the European Championships at Burghley. Then in 1991 they won Individual and Team Gold at the European Championships at Punchestown. 
He retired in 1992, with Murphy Himself, at Burghley and spent several years hunting but in 1997 he suffered a stroke age 19. 

Glenburnie was often injuring himself and consequently spent quite a lot of time off work during his career.  His dressage was not the best but watching him across country was special.

The pictures are from Ian's book 'The Stark Approach' and of a postcard I have.

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