Monday, 30 October 2017

Greatest Horses - The Poacher

Sadly I can't find much information about this horse, I have read about him in Badminton's history but there doesn't seem to be information about his height or colour or breeding.  The only photo I can use is a black and white ...

The thing, for me anyway, that makes this horse one of the greatest is that his achievements were with more than one rider.  At the top level of eventing partnership is everything and to achieve what he did with different riders is truly amazing !

He was owned and originally ridden by Captain Martin Whiteley.  Early on most of the competitors in showjumping and eventing were military (just look at the lists of winners).

Together ...

In 1965 they won 'Little Badminton' .  The event had been split in 2 because of so many entries!In 1967 they won the Individual Silver medal at the European Championships at Punchestown

After this Captain Whiteley allowed The Poacher to be used for the British Team ...

In 1968 he came 5th at the Olympics in Mexico with Sergeant Ben Jones, where they were last to go and the ground was terrible following a tropical storm.

In 1970 he won Badminton with Richard Meade and they went on to win Team Gold and an Individual Silver at the World Championships at Punchestown

In 1971 they won Team Gold at the European Championships at Burghley

The Poacher was then returned to Martin Whiteley when he retired to a life of hunting.

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