Tuesday, 5 December 2017

2017 Christmas Wish List

It is that time of year again, so I have put together a few things I am hoping might make it into my stocking (or the horses) this year!

This looks cosy, we have had a few pretty cold days recently which have made me think about what I have for January/February when it could get pretty cold! Ariat Ladies Conquest Fleece £49.99

Basil is desperate for a new numnah, but he is a bit tricky to buy for J Griffin Nuumed HiWither Numnah £32.50

I bet Basil would love this too!!!!  Epiony Therapy Heat Pad £129.99

I desperately need some new boots and I do like these the best, this will be my 3rd or 4th pair.  Mountain Horse Yard Boots £99.00

You can't beat a fun hat in the winter months.  Pom pom hat covers £13.99

Do you think Tommy would LOVE this?  Play ball £19.99

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