Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Taking care of your hands!

I don't know about you but in the winter my hands really take a beating.  In and out of cold water washing buckets, covered in mud from picking feet out and freezing cold from doing both of those things!  

I still have not found a decent pair of gloves to wear whilst doing all these jobs.  I'm not keen on spending a lot of money because they really won't last long with the hard use they will get.  They need to keep my hands warm but I also want to be able to do rug buckles and headcollars with them on.  

I have always just worn the bobbly gloves - I am sure you know the ones - but recently they are so cheap and badly made that they have holes at the end of the fingers in a week (or less) :(
Last week with all the snow and very cold weather I was wearing 2 pairs of gloves, my summer riding gloves under the bobbly ones and this is fine until I need to do something with water.  In the last couple of years I have started putting some 'surgical gloves' on over the top of my bobbly gloves to pick out feet and that works pretty well.  I am not very good at doing this for washing buckets though and of course Basil's hay is damp from being steamed.

Sometimes I wear kitchen gloves over my bobbly gloves too but these are a bit too thick for doing some jobs like rug buckles.

I mostly end up just trying to treat my hands afterwards.  I think I am lucky because it is rare for the skin on my fingers to split, although it has happened. 

The best cream I have found is the Body Shop's Hemp hand cream - that is really good and thick and I slather it on at night time.

Yesterday I decided to buy some of these to try  ....

.... which I think will be good for buckets and wet haynets but they are not that warm so I bought a bigger pair so I could fit other gloves underneath if I need them!

Do you have any hints of tips?

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