Monday, 1 January 2018

Welcome to 2018


As I mentioned last year I usually take the opportunity over the holidays to have a look back at the last year and think about what I want to achieve next.

I really enjoy writing my blog but have decided to post slightly less for a while as I have other parts of my life which need a bit more attention this year.  There are not enough hours in the day or days in the week so something has to change.  I am planning to blog at least once a week though, or more if I have a chance.  I will upload a video at least once a month.

Looking back at  last year's aims I realised I have achieved some despite Chesney's problems and my challenges with Basil.

2017 Aims:
  • Find a new bit for Basil
  •  Achieve more rhythm and calmness in canter (and trot after we have cantered)
  • Use the 'loop exercise' to work on our changes of bend
  • More lateral work and turn on the forehand
  • Start jumping with Basil again

I tried several bits and have (I think) settled on one now which he seems to be happy with.  Our canter is still variable but we have used the 'loop exercise' quite a bit and Basil's suppleness has improved.  We have also done much more leg yield and turn on the forehand and started introducing a bit of shoulder in towards the end of the year.  We did also manage a bit of jumping :)

  • Tie Tommy up more
  • Be able to catch Tommy in the field when he is not wearing a headcollar
  • Introduce some ground schooling with Tommy

Tommy can now be tied up but I cannot catch him in the field unless he has a headcollar on (which he can get off).  I no longer think this is because he is nervous - he is just a typical naughty pony!  He has also continued to grow in confidence in every area of his routine which is fantastic.  I have not had time to do any ground schooling with him so I will carry this forward to 2018.  I now own the little monster :)

  • Continue to Blog 3 times a week
  • Vlog or post a video each Wednesday
  • Start a training the young horse series on my blog

I have managed the first 2 of these, I might try the last this year to go with Tommy's ground schooling but I am not going to make any promises.

2018 Aims:
  • Get Basil better
  • Calmness in canter!!!!
  • Shoulder in
  • Jumping
  • Tommy ground schooling
  • Continue with my blogs and videos.

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Until next time!   

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