Monday, 2 April 2018

March 2018 Review

I finally feel like Spring might be here.  We have had a few lovely days in March, some horrible ones too, but I am definitely noticing a difference - the horses are too!!!  Basil is making progress although we had a couple of dodgy Tuesdays, which is odd.  He is just keen to do something and is feeling a little bit spring like.  Tommy is definitely feeling the joys of spring!  What a difference a year makes for Chesney - now he is having his medication for his PPID he is losing his hair normally and looks pretty good for a soon to be 24 year old.

This is how March looked:

We had snow :(

6th - lunged today, he was very good - amazingly.

7th - rode today in the arena, 12 minutes in walk.  I don't think I can hack out until he is allowed to trot a bit more because I am fairly certain he will just jog all the way!

9th - tried to lunge again today but he was really very naughty and there was not much lunging achieved just galloping up and down the arena.

10th - lunged today, after yesterday I decided I would be silly to get on - he was much better.

11th - rode for 15 minutes today in walk, lots of circles and serpentines.  We had 1 trot on a long side on each rein.

12th - rode for 15 minutes again today, a bit of walk leg yield and the same trots.

13th - lunged, very good today.

15th - lunged again.

16th - rode today, same as before - good boy.  I think he is pleased to be doing something.

20th - farrier today and later I tried to lunge but he seemed sore on his off hind so I stopped.  Not sure if holding his leg for the farrier is still a bit hard.

23rd  - lunged, he seemed to be feeling better and was a little bit silly.

24th - rode for 18 minutes in the arena today.  2 short trots (1 long side) on each rein.  Circles, serpentines and walk leg yield.

25th - rode for 20 minutes today with 1 trot on each rein all the way around the arena.  Walk as above.

27th - again not right on his off hind when I tried to lunge.  Feeling a bit concerned.

30th - lunged again today and he seemed fine.  A bit stiff for a couple of circles in walk to start with but loosened up and then all good.

31st - rode for 25 minutes in the arena today.  2 trots on each rein, whole circuits and he was quite good, not too rushed.

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