Friday, 15 April 2016

All About ... Corns.

What are they?

Corns are basically a bruise on the sole which has formed between the bars and the wall of the hoof.  Labelled ‘seat of corn’ in the diagram below , find out more in my blog.  Corns can be really painful and can easily develop into an abscess.


These are similar to those for a bruised sole.
  • Sudden lameness, usually only slight, but most often seen in the front feet 
  • A clean sole will often show up the bruise (much easier to see on light coloured soles) 
  • Sensitivity in the area 
  • Increase to digital pulse 
  • Heat in foot (possible)


  • Badly fitted shoes 
  • Stone becoming wedged between the shoe and the sole


Once the hoof has been trimmed it is easy to see a corn.  As with a bruise, the hoof testers will provoke a reaction from the horse.  This may be a flinch but some will kick out!  


Removal of the shoe will often allow the corn to heal on its own, as this relieves the pressure!  The horse should be rested whilst healing is in progress.  If it has developed into an abscess this will need different treatment – see my blog. Once the corn has healed the horse can have the shoe refitted – taking into consideration the cause of the corn!

  • Ensuring shoes are the correct size 
  • Regular visits by the farrier to keep feet and shoes in tip top condition 
  • Avoid rocky, rough ground where possible

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