Thursday, 7 April 2016

March Review!

The days are longer and there is more sunshine about – things are looking up.  I am also feeling a lot better so Basil and I are going for it!  March has been a pretty good month, although we have had lots of rain and wind I have managed to exercise him quite a bit which is great.  

My March Aims were:
  1. Calmness - this is a bit varied 
  2. Rhythm  - so is this! 
  3. Suppleness - and this. 
  4. Consistency of bend on left rein - still struggling 
  5. Halt for more than 2 seconds - 3??? 
  6. Encouraging contact - gently but not pushing this 
  7. All transitions - as always the downwards ones need work :( 
  8. Circles, serpentines and changes of rein.

This is what March looked like:

8th - Lunged today as I expected Basil to be loopy after his break.  I was not disappointed, he kept trying to canter off, bucking and having fun! Just 10 minutes but we managed a bit of sensible walking at the end.

11th – Lunged again today, much better on the whole but had a silly turn at the end when he suddenly decided to pogo/canter around on the circle.   10 minutes again.

12th – Rode in the arena today, felt braver after yesterday but Basil was still a bit jumpy.  He spun around at one point and cantered off across the arena.  Generally pleased with him today though.

13th – Arena again today, 25 minutes of mostly walk with a little trot.  We did lots of walk circles and serpentines.  Also, leg yield in walk towards the track, which he did really well  – really pleased.

15th – Lunged today and really good on the left rein in walk and trot.  Basil went loopy on the left rein and just cantered around, and around, and around!  Eventually I managed to get him to walk around to cool off – DAFT!

16th – Rode in the arena today and he was really good after yesterday.  Same as last time but a bit more trotting.  We walked over a single pole today.

18th – Lunged again today – very good.

19th – Rode in the arena, same again. Increasing trotting.  Good.

20th – Hacked out for 20 minutes today, surprisingly Basil was really well behaved and we didn't jog home.  Yeh!

22nd – Lunged – bit longer today, about 12 minutes with a little canter on each rein.   Again, really good today.

23rd – Rode in arena – Basil was so good yesterday and the last few times I have ridden that I was planning on a little canter today.  Cantering always really improves his trot although it also makes him a bit fast.  Unfortunately, he was a bit speedy and keen and not really listening to me so I chickened out :)  25 minutes.

25th – Arena again today, bit longer and today we had a short canter down one long side on each rein.  Really pleased with him as he didn't get too strong and silly.  Basil is looking a bit for a contact now in trot. 

27th – Quite windy today (was awful yesterday) so lunged but he was pretty good considering. 

29th – Lunged again today and Basil started really well but then had a loopy moment on the right rein.

30th – Rode for nearly 30 minutes in the arena today.  Walk and trot circles, walk leg yield and serpentines.  Introduced some small circles .   Again we had a short canter down one long side.    

Progress :)  The bad weather means we haven't managed to get out for another hack this month.  This makes Chesney happy too! 

My Aims for April with Basil are:
  1. Calmness  
  2. Rhythm  
  3. Suppleness  
  4. Consistency of bend on left rein  
  5. Halt for more than 2 seconds!  
  6. Encouraging contact 
  7. All transitions 
  8. Trot serpentines. 
  9. Increase cantering. 
  10. Trotting poles.

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Until next time!


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