Monday, 18 April 2016

Fell Ponies

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about Dales Ponies, the Fell is similar but smaller.  They too are native to the north of England and are mostly found in Cumbria.  They are adaptable to almost any climate because they were bred for the harsh conditions found in Northern England.  


The Fell ponies were also originally used as packhorses and would carry various goods from lead to wool.  They could travel considerable distances as they are good and fast walkers.  It is thought that the Vikings also used the ponies for ploughing and riding.  Fell ponies can work all day with little food which made them popular!

In the 19th century the Fell ponies were used for trotting races, light farm work and transporting goods.  In 1918 the Fell pony society was set up but numbers continued to decrease until after World War II.   Fell ponies are ridden and driven by members of the Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth II is their patron.  Unfortunately, they are still listed as 'endangered'.

Today Fell ponies can be found in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Holland and Switzerland.  


Height: Average 13 hh - 14 hh

Colour:  Black, dark brown, dark bay and occasionally grey.  No or little white markings.

Conformation:  Small, well set head with bright and intelligent eyes.  Strong neck and sloping well developed shoulders. The back is short and strong and the quarters are also strong. Legs are straight with good bone.

Temperament:  Excellent temperament. They are lively and alert but steady and are sure footed.   They are good children's ponies but are strong enough for an adult.  They are popular for driving and although are not the fastest they can be good all rounders. 

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