Friday, 10 June 2016

All About ... Hoof Cracks

What are they

As the name suggests, these are cracks in the wall of the hoof.  


The cracks can be short and shallow or long and deep, or anything in between!  The crack can start at the ground (often called a grass crack) or can start at the coronary band (a sand crack).  If the crack is deep to the sensitive part of the foot then the horse will be lame.

This one is superficial.

  • Trauma, such as a bang or knock (horse over reaching or kicking self) 
  • Drying out of hoof wall due to excessive rasping 
  • Poor hoof care ie: feet not regularly trimmed 
  • Poor nutrition 
  • Conformational faults


This will depend on the extent of the crack.  When the crack starts at the ground the treatment will be designed to prevent the crack spreading up to the coronary band.  This can be putting shoes with a toe clip either side of the crack.  

For deeper cracks:
  • Keep clean to prevent infection 
  • Rest to reduce pressure on crack 
  • Trim foot to address any imbalance 
  • Cracks can be wired together to help prevent further problems as it grows out 
  • Cracks can be glued 
  • Address any nutritional imbalances

  •  Regular trimming 
  • Using overreach boots to prevent damage 
  • Balanced diet - supplemented if needed

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