Thursday, 9 June 2016

May Review!

Lots of lovely weather, lots of lovely riding.  Spring/summer is finally here and we are all loving it.  May was not so great weather wise though so the horses were still in at night for most of the month.  However, they had a few rug less days which they all made the most of.

My aims for May were: 

1.       Calmness 
2.       Rhythm 
3.       Suppleness 
4.       Consistency of bend on left rein 
5.       Halt - we don't practise this enough
6.       Encouraging contact more now
7.       Canter transitions need improving the most.
8.       Trot serpentines still need to be more balanced
9.       Improver our canter, less rushed, right lead
10.   Trotting poles.

This is what May looked like: 

2nd - Lunged today, very good.

3rd - Basil's leg is a bit swollen, he has a tiny graze - typical thoroughbred!

6th - Rode in the arena today - leg seems better.  Behaved much better than last time we schooled.  Pleased today we did some better trot serpentines :)  Walked over the pole and did some walk leg yield.  Canter was a bit better but he is still not listening to me when we strike off and sometimes just 'runs' into canter. 

8th - Hack today- lovely. It is so nice getting out and about again, we hardly seem to have managed to hack since we lost Fidget last April but finally are getting out regularly again.

10th - Lunged today - very good again.

11th - Basil's birthday today - 15 years old.  We rode in the arena and he was really strong in canter today, however, I think we had a breakthrough as he suddenly decided to soften and we stopped fighting each other.  Some good walk leg yield away from the track too. 

14th - Hack out, Basil was keen but manageable today.  I think he enjoys a change of scenery as much as me. 

17th - Rode Basil in the arena today and he was SHOCKING. He was so naughty and just kept shying and jumping then shooting off across the arena.  We achieved very little today.

18th - Lunged today.  Very good.

20th - Arena again, much better.  He is beginning to work more round again now and is a fraction less strong.  We had some good trot and canter work today.

21st - Lunged - I like watching Basil on the lunge, we don't have side reins so he really gets a chance to stretch down.

22nd - Hack :)

24th - Arena again.  Good today and was a bit better in canter as I had more control.  - Progress!

25th - Lunged and again very good.  Only a matter of time before he has a mad day.

26th - Basil's glands are all up today.

27th - Lunged gently today as I am trying to decide if Basil is breathing OK - giving him Ventipulmin as I think his allergy might be trying to cause trouble.

28th - Arena , gently again.  Mostly walk, although I think Basil is OK.  Lots of walk and a little bit of trot.  We did lots of circles, serpentines leg yield and poles.

29th - Hacked out, good and relaxing. I have decided Basil is breathing fine.

30th - Lunged again today - they stayed out last night for the first time so I wonder if Basil was tired as I struggled to get the correct canter lead on the right rein. 

My aims for June with Basil are: 

1.       Calmness - especially in canter
2.       Rhythm 
3.       Suppleness 
4.       Consistency of bend on left rein 
5.       Having more consistent contact
6.       Right canter lead - this has been causing a few problems in the last few weeks
7.       Trot serpentines still need to be more balanced
8.       Improver our canter, less rushed
9.       Some new exercises
10.   Jump a little cross pole!

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