Monday, 10 October 2016

Norweigan Fjord Ponies

These ponies are easily recognisable due to their dun colouring, their dorsal stripes and black zebra like stripes on their legs.  The ponies are strong and sure footed and have tremendous endurance and energy.  


The Fjord ponies can be traced back to prehistoric times and were later used by the Vikings for the sport of horse fighting.  Up until WWII, they were  used on farms in mountainous regions where tractors were not able to work, ploughing and carrying heavy loads.  


Height: 13hh - 14.2hh

Colour:  Dun of varying shades.  Characteristic dorsal stripe down centre of back and black zebra like stripes on legs.  Silver mane and tail with black through the centre. 

Conformation:  Pony head with a flat forehead and small ears.  Short, thick but arched neck and a short compact body.  Well muscled all round and short, strong legs with strong feet.  The mane is naturally long and thick but tends to be trimmed to stand upright with a curve.  The coat is thick and heavy in the winter. 

Temperament: Excellent.

Used as an all purpose riding pony and in harness. 

The Fjord horse National Studbook of Great Britain website:

 The Norweigan Fjord Horse Registry website:

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