Thursday, 6 October 2016

September 2016 Review.

Apart from a blip with Basil's RAO and then a nasty surprise in the middle of the month we have made some good progress again this month.  Lots more rhythm and balance in all paces and less silly moments too:) 

My aims for September with Basil were:

1.          Calmness - especially in canter - Definite progress
2.          Rhythm - Definite progress
3.          Suppleness  - Definite progress
4.          Consistency of bend on left rein - still needs work 
5.          Having more consistent contact - getting there
6.          Some work on the bit - slowly increasing this
7.          Trot serpentines still need to be more balanced - some lovely work
8.          Improve our canter, less rushed - Definite progress
9.          Some new exercises - not really :(
10.      Trotting poles - didn't end up getting these out but did use a single pole

This is what September  looked like:

2nd - Lunged today, Basil had a silly moment because a Pigeon flew out of the hedge, but it is dark later now so the birds are just waking up when we are out first thing!

3rd - hack out today, very good apart from the newly painted white lines!!!!

4th - arena, only out for 10 minutes after our first trot I decided Basil was breathing too hard so stopped.  On Ventipulmin.

5th - Basil is definitely having a mild RAO episode so not riding for a week or so!

12th - Lunged 10 minutes, quiet session as he has had several days off.  A bit later poor Basil, I think, was stung by a wasp, I have never seen him so upset.  One minute he was grazing and the next he was totally beside himself, galloping about, rearing, bucking, biting at his back, digging and then galloping again.  He was so upset I couldn't get close for a while, when I managed to I could see a raised area where I think he was stung but he would not let me catch him to put ice on.  He was a bit better later so I tried to cool it down :(

13th  - lunged for 12 minutes today, I can't put a saddle on because he was stung where it should sit! The swollen area is bigger today too.   

14th - lunged again, for a bit longer and a little canter, very good today.

15th - I have owned Basil for 9 years today :)  Farrier.

16th - Rode today, pleased as he has not been ridden since the 4th.  Canter was a bit rushed but we did some nice circles and he didn't try to cut the corners.

17th - hack today, very good but a bit speedy on way home.

18th - 30 minutes in the arena.  Canter was better today and we did some FANTASTIC trot serpentines on each rein, balanced, round, good bend and rhythm - so pleased.    

20th - Arena with some more lovely trot serpentines.  Our canter is definitely getting more balanced and we had some lovely walk leg yield.  Progress.

21st - Lunging.  Basil seemed to have a slightly funny shoulder on the left rein so I stopped.

23rd - Tried lunging again, started carefully and Basil seemed better.  Took it steady.

24th - Hack out, his shoulder is definitely fine.  He was a bit jumpy as it was windy but otherwise very good. 

25th - Arena.  Canter is still progressing well.  Lovely trot serpentines again and some good walk leg yield.

26th -  Arena again today we are getting more rhythmic in all paces now.

30th -  Lunged.  Settled into this again now.

I am hoping October will be a continuation of our progress!

1.       Calmness - especially in canter
2.       Rhythm 
3.       Suppleness 
4.       Consistency of bend on left rein 
5.       Having more consistent contact
6.       Some work on the bit
7.       Trot serpentines still need to be more balanced
8.       Improve our canter, less rushed
9.       Some new exercises
10.   Trotting poles

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