Monday, 3 October 2016

21 Facts about Horses!

1.       Horses thrive on routine
2.       Horse hooves are made from the same protein as fingernails
3.       Horse hooves take almost a year to grow from the coronet band to the ground
4.       Horses have 16 muscles in each year which allow them to rotate 180 degrees
5.       Horses don't have a gall bladder
6.       Horses like sweet flavours and will usually reject anything sour or bitter
7.       Horses teeth never stop growing
8.       Horses teeth take up more space in their heads than their brains

9.       Horses are not colour blind but see some colours differently to us
10.   A hand (the measure we use for a horses height) is 4 inches because it was thought to be the average width across a man's knuckles
11.   There were no horses in Australia until 1788
12.   Lord George Bentinck invented the horse trailer in England in 1836 to take his 6 racehorses from one racecourse to the next
13.   It has been shown by research that horses are more comfortable travelling backwards in a trailer
14.   Manhole covers were originally raised to prevent horses slipping
15.   1 horse power = 746 watts  1 metric horsepower = 736 watts
16.   A furlong is the measurement  used at race courses it is 220 yards.
17.   The Przewalski's horse is the only truly wild horse species still in existence.  Mongolia has the only wild population.

18.   Dartmoor ponies were used to escort prisoners from local prisons while they were on outside duties until the 1960's
19.   Zebra stripes are unique - like a fingerprint
20.   If you are born in the Chinese year of the horse you are intelligent, independent and free spirited.
21.   The white chalk horses seen on hillsides in England are several hundred years old.  It is said that when King Arthur returns one of them will get up and dance

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