Friday, 25 November 2016

All About ... Sinusitis

What is it

Sinusitis is infection of the sinuses.  It is not uncommon because of the large sinus cavities which horses have in their heads.  I read up about this last year when Basil had a tooth infection as it was possible that it could lead to sinusitis :(


  • Nasal discharge (mucus),  thick and foul smelling 
  • Discharge may be streaked with blood 
  • Possible swelling above or below eye 
  • May be eye discharge 
  • If Sinus is full of pus it sounds dull when tapped 
  • Smelly breath (halitosis) 
  • Head shaking



  • Infection of the upper respiratory tract 
  • Trauma 
  • Infected tooth root 
  • Tumour


Call the vet.  X rays will identify if there is a tooth infection.  Examination of a fluid sample will identify the bacteria or fungi.


Feed from ground to help sinus' drain. Regular cleaning of feed and water bowls to prevent spread of infection.  Antibiotics to treat the infection and possible surgery to remove tooth if the cause.  Light exercise will help clear the mucus.  Other causes may also require surgery and it might be necessary to insert a tube to flush with antibiotics or to help with drainage.


Regular checks by a qualified dental technician or vet.  Attending quickly to any injury to the head or signs of cysts or tumours. 

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