Monday, 21 November 2016

Holsteiner Horses

In a similar way to the Hanoverian the breed was developed by crossing Spanish, Oriental and Neopolitan stallions with native mares of the Schleswig-Holsteiner region of Germany.



The origins of the Holsteiner can be traced back to the great horses which carried knights in armour into battle in the Middle Ages. 

The breed was also used in agriculture, but as a war horse the Holsteiner was invaluable.  When the need for war horses decreased but there was an increase in demand for horses in harness Cleveland Bay and British Yorkshire Carriage Horses were imported.  When these stallions were crossed with Holsteiner mares the result was a strong and high stepping carriage horse with an excellent temperament.  

During World War I and II the breed was used for pulling the artillery wagons.

As the need for carriage horses declined the breed again changed, the addition of English Thoroughbred blood   resulted in a horse suitable for driving and riding.


Height:  16hh to 17hh

Colour:  Any solid colour, often bay or black.

Conformation:  Bright, well shaped head, long muscular and slightly arched neck.  The chest is deep, the shoulders sloping and the back strong.  Powerful quarters and short, strong legs with clean hocks and hard feet.

Temperament: Excellent, well mannered, willing and docile.

Used  for many disciplines including showjumping and eventing.

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