Monday, 20 March 2017

The Andalusian

Andalusian horses are attractive, flamboyant and extremely agile.  Developed in Spain, in a region called Andalusia, they are descended from the Iberian horses of Spain and Portugal.  


In the 15th century Carthusian monks developed the breed, working hard to ensure the Andalusian's purity and survival by careful selective breeding.  They refused to use European blood as ordered by a Royal Edict and hid their horses from Napolean's armies.

They were popular as royal mounts and for haute ecole and have had a significant effect on the development of many European breeds.   Also, popular mounts for bullfighting and as war horses,  the Andalusian horses were used as gifts to develop relations with other European countries.  

The introduction of the Thoroughbred replaced the Andalusian in many ways and their popularity fell.   In the 19th century the numbers began to drop due to cross breeding, disease and war .

More recently their numbers have again increased and in the 1960's the breed began to be exported.  Andalusian blood was then used to develop many of the European warmbloods.


Height:  15hh - 15.2hh

Colour:  Usually grey , occasionally other colours.

Conformation:  The head is handsome with a straight profile and broad forehead.  Eyes are large and the neck elegant.  They have long, sloping shoulders and well defined withers.  The body is short and strong and the chest broad.  The tail is set low and thick, as is the mane.

Temperament:  Easy to handle, intelligent and docile.

Used for bullfighting in Spain, haute ecole, dressage,  showjumping and driving.

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