Monday, 6 March 2017

The Frederiksborg

In 1562 the Royal Frederiksborg stud was set up in Denmark.  The foundation stock included Andalusian's and Neapolitan blood.  They are relatively rare now but have a loyal following!


The stud was established by King Frederik II and the horses were used by the courtiers for Haute Ecole which was popular at the time.  Their stylish appearance and trainable temperaments made them ideal. The stud was divided into colour groups to ensure they produced well matched pairs for pulling carriages!

As the demand grew for lighter and more active military horses the Frederiksborg proved itself well suited.  Their courage and obedience were highly valued.  They were popular for parades due to their high stepping action and this also made them popular for the royal carriages.   In addition, the breed was a useful addition on many farms.

In Europe the breed was popular as a riding horse, their elegance and obedient temperament coupled with their agility meant that they were used to influence many breeds.  Unfortunately the breed was not controlled and so many horses were sold from the stud that it closed in 1839.

In 1923 official registration began, followed by efforts to re-establish the breed in 1939. Today they are seen in Europe and the US but in small numbers!


Height:  Average 15.3hh

Colour:  Predominantly chestnut, often with flaxen manes and tails.

Conformation:  Face is convex, the neck is powerful and the shoulders muscular.   The chest and hindquarters are powerful. 

Temperament:  Kind, willing and hard working.

Used for general riding, driving.  Can make dressage horses and showjumpers.

 The Frederiksborg Horse website:

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