Monday, 10 July 2017

Greatest Horses - Be Fair

Be Fair is the other of my two ALL TIME favourites horses.  I have read his biography 'Up, Up and Away'  so many times and I enjoy it every time.  He had such a personality but his journey to  success was not easy!  He won Badminton in 1973, was European Champion in 1975 and part of the British Team at the Montreal Olympics.

He was a beautiful chestnut colour, a thoroughbred, just under 16.2hh with a back to front question mark on his face!

Be Fair's sire was Fair and Square, who won Burghley in 1968. His dam was Happy Reunion, a hunter. The picture above is when he was 2 years old.  When it came to breaking him in he showed his naughty side by refusing to do what he was asked ... he even lay down at the end of the lunge line and refused to move!   He was purchased by Lucinda Prior-Palmer's (now Green) family when she was 15 years old and he was a 5 year old (1968). He continued to be a difficult, stubborn and strong willed horse refusing jumps and trying to do what he wanted.  One day he decided to jump the ditch as asked - he never stopped again.  He had amazing scope and a huge jump.

I think it is his partly his naughtiness that makes him one of my favourite horses but  mostly because the naughtiness was overcome and he proved to have a wonderful personality.    I only ever read about Be Fair and maybe it is the book that made him so wonderful to me but he just seemed such a special horse.  

Be Fair was injured at the 1976 Olympic Games and retired!

All the photographs in this blog are taken from the book 'Up, Up and Away'.

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