Thursday, 27 July 2017

Two Years Ago

It's just over 2 years since Tommy arrived.  This week I have filled in the documents to take ownership of him.  Something I never really expected. I was 'borrowing' Tommy - the word used by the Blue Cross when they placed him with me.  I am so, so pleased that he is now to be mine - officially.  

The Blue Cross still have the right to visit and check on him, which is a good thing.  I know he would have been with me for life anyway but there is something about having the passport in my name and actually knowing he is mine which makes a difference.

Two years ago:

One year ago:

This year: 

I know I am ALWAYS saying it but this pony is amazing and fantastic considering what he has been through.  He is definitely a character and I am looking forward to him making me laugh for many years to come.

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