Monday, 17 July 2017

Product Review - Shires Boots & Roekl Gloves

For my holiday I needed rubber boots and some better gloves.  As the Iceland horses have never left the island they do not have any resistance to viruses which our horses are either vaccinated against or have some natural resistance too.  This means horses are never imported to the island but also no used leather products are allowed in.   This meant I could not take my usual boots or chaps with me.  So I had to buy some new long rubber boots.  I chose these ones from Shires, they are the 'Stanton Long Riding Boots'.

They look really smart and look like leather.  I also found them very comfortable even wearing them for several hours at a time.  They were comfortable to walk in too!  The zip up the back made them fit much better.  Unfortunately, they were not very waterproof,  even from rain.  Admittedly the rain on my holiday was unforgiving and continuous but I would have hoped that they would have been waterproof.

The gloves are Roeckl  'Roeck Grip' Riding Gloves.  I bought these expecting them to keep my hands dry and warm, but again they are not waterproof.  They were comfortable and I was pleased with the fitting around my wrist - often there is a gap between your coat and gloves but I didn't have that problem with these.  The gloves are not bulky and so holding the reins is no problem.  They were also plenty warm enough when dry!

I would not recommend them for riding in the rain because they were wet very quickly and then held the water inside which made my hands really cold too.

The rain in Iceland on my third day was unbelievable but I was still surprised by how quickly the gloves and my feet inside my boots became saturated :(

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