Thursday, 7 September 2017

August Review

Disappointing end to the month with Basil losing his shoe.  Started well and I had jumping in mind this month but we only managed once because he was a bit lame the following week.  Never mind we will get back into it in September.  The horses are in at night again now, it was like somebody turned a switch and Autumn arrived over night :(

My Aims for August were: 

1.      Calmness and Rhythm - great, until we think about canter
2.      Suppleness - definitely progress
3.      More balance and slower in canter - occasionally
4.      Correct canter leads, probably about 80% of the time
5.      Turn on forehand - improving
6.      Leg yield circles (spirals) - done some in walk and trot
7.      Canter Poles - forgot these, jumped instead
8.      Small jump - yes, but only once

This is what August  looked like:

1st - rode in the arena,  Good walk leg yield down one side then over pole on other long side, then we did the same in trot.  Excellent on left rein, he did get a bit fast on the right rein but he did still trot over the pole:)  Good left canter but cantered wrong lead on right rein, he was not concentrating, too busy trying to bomb off.

2nd - arena again, similar to yesterday.  Better canter transitions today and a good canter circle on the left.  Some nice, round, balanced trot.

4th - good lunging session today.

5th - hack out early, lovely day.

6th - arena and some lovely walk and trot work with serpentines.  Great trots over poles and a good left canter strike off, a bit rushed but much better than can be.  Right canter DISASTER, Basil went sideways then off like a total nutter.  We did one loop of the arena then back to trot and I asked for canter again straight away - much better.

Rained lots this week :(

10th - lunged.

11th - in the arena and same things.  We also did some spirals in walk and trot and practised our turn on the forehand, which is getting better.  The canters were a bit rushed but we struck the correct leads on both reins.

12th - hack out.

13th - arena again and as he was going well I decided to go over a little jump.  We walked until about 10 strides out when I asked for trot.  The first jump was a bit of a leap and a bit big but after that he went beautifully.  After the 2nd jump on each rein we carried on cantering around the arena - pretty controlled too :)

15th - lunged.

16th - arena today and I tried a different tactic in canter and just let Basil go when he thought he could, much easier, much better BUT he needs to do it when I ask not when he thinks he should be cantering.

18th - lunged.

19th - hack out.

20th - loose shoe this morning :(  Shoe back on but Basil seems a little bit lame on the same leg, I should think he strained something when he pulled his shoe - not unusual.

24th - Basil has managed to half pull his shoe off again today whilst in the stable ..!!!!

Basil had his shoe put back on the following day but he was not totally sound for the rest of August.  Chesney is looking SO much better :):):)

My Aims for September are the same: 

1.      Calmness and Rhythm in canter
2.      Suppleness
3.      More balance and slower in canter
4.      Correct canter leads
5.      Turn on forehand
6.      Leg yield circles (spirals)
7.      Canter Poles
8.      Small jump

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