Friday, 22 September 2017

How Muscles Repair

Muscle remodelling is in many ways more complex than bone, however, it is easier for muscles to return to their pre-injury state.  To find out more about the composition of muscles have a look at my previous blog. 

During the remodelling phase small fibres will push through the temporary repair (second stage of healing) and begin to recreate the original type of tissue - in this case muscle tissue.  Muscle fibres are made up of hundreds of myofibrils which are arranged in parallel.  It is important that during the remodelling phase the new myofibrils are the same ie: parallel, sometimes they will form in a random way and this will have a negative effect on the strength of the new formed muscle.

When the collagen forms into a scar during healing it is important that the scar is pliable and allows enough movement for the muscle tissue to return to its pre-injury state.  This means that the horse SHOULD NOT be immobilised during healing.

During remodelling of muscle tissue it is important to:

·         Promote the absorption of excess material from the site of injury (which causes inflammation)  
·         Prevent adhesions forming between muscle fibres
·         Prevent scarring
·         Maintain any undamaged tissue

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