Monday, 18 September 2017

Greatest Horses - Doublet

Doublet was an event horse ridden by Princess Anne, they  represented Great Britain on a number of occasions.

Born in 1963, Doublet's sire was a Thoroughbred stallion from Argentina called Doubtless and his dam was Swaté, a polo pony.  He was bred by Queen Elizabeth II before being given to Princess Anne.  Doublet was trained by Alison Oliver who trained many of the royal horses.

In 1971 they won the Individual Gold Medal at the European Championships at Burghley, they competed at Badminton but were never placed.

In 1973 they were selected for the European team in Kiev, they sadly fell at the 2nd fence - as did many, it was huge. ....... the photo below shows Be Fair clearing it.  Both horse and rider were fine!!

Sadly, in 1974 Doublet  had to be put to sleep because he broke his leg whilst being ridden.

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