Thursday, 13 November 2014

Basil Update

I had a really great schooling session with Basil this week.  He is definitely getting calmer as we managed to canter on both reins with no attempt at bucking and in a lovely rhythm and outline.  Canter is definitely his best pace and the one he is most comfortable in , I guess that comes from racing and spending most of the time cantering?

We spent most of the session walking and trotting circles and walked a couple of serpentines too.  The suppleness is also improving as long as I remember to keep him moving around my left leg when on the left rein, otherwise he tends to fall in!  We also did a couple of walking leg yields on each rein from the quarter line back to the track - he does remember the aids but is much better on the left rein.  More practice needed.

We also tried trotting over a pole today, the same one we have been walking over for the last few sessions.  Baz thinks that it is necessary to jump it but the jumps were getting smaller and they were more like little hops towards the end of our session.

Progress is definitely being made :)

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