Thursday, 27 November 2014

Basil ...

A bit windy again for our schooling session this week, Basil was still good on the whole.  I had placed another pole on the ground (unrelated to the other) and this caused a bit of spookiness.  The sun was shining and glistening on the white sections of the pole which often causes silly over reactions.  We walked down the arena and past it but I needed quite a lot of leg!  After a few minutes of working in walk and trot with the emphasis on calmness I brought Basil into the first pole (the one he has walked and trotted over on many occasions now).  I walked straight on to the new one - this was too much and he stopped and went sideways and reversed to avoid walking over!  I did a circle, not ideal I know but we had gone sideways past it by now, and brought him back - he did a mini hop over it -but he did go over it!  I brought him around a few more times until it was no problem.  We changed the rein and he walked straight over it from the other direction!  Sooo pleased.

We went away and did some more schooling in walk and trot, doing circles, serpentines and changes of rein, he was not as supple on the left rein as last week but it was quite windy and he was feeling a bit spooky.  We came back to the poles then and trotted over them both on both reins, no problem, this is serious progress and I am so pleased with our steps forward.

We had some good canters on both reins, our right canter was a bit speedy as is often the case but he did settle, and no bucking either.  His canter is so lovely I could sit to it all day.

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