Thursday, 20 November 2014

Basil Update

Schooling this week and Basil was a star.  It was a bit windy but he behaved really well and remained calm almost throughout. We had some lovely trot circles working on the bit that were really beautifully supple - it is all coming back to him and my improved riding confidence is definitely helping. 

We managed some calm and rhythmic canters too on both reins and trotted over a pole (not jump or hop but trotted) which is a big step forward!  We ended with a couple of walk leg yields on each rein.  He was equally responsive on both reins today which is a step forward from last week, he does sometimes rush back to the track when on the left rein so I must remember to keep my right leg there.

I feel so proud of him but also of myself for acknowledging and tackling my confidence issues!

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