Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Did my firework night preparations make any difference?

Following my blog last week about the up and coming party just up the road from where I keep the horses I thought I would let you know how we got on.  They did, as I feared have another huge display with the loudest fireworks I have ever heard.  As happened last year they lasted about 25 minutes and were positioned to go off just behind the stables.  This basically meant that we were in the perfect spot to see and hear them - if that was what we wanted.  Unfortunately that was not what we wanted.
I mentioned in my blog last week that I had a few new things that I was going to try.  My vet  suggested Zylkene which is a dietetic complementary feed stuff for horses in stressful situations.

So I bought some to use for Basil and Chesney.  Fidget is generally OK and although a little nervous does not have the same type of reaction as the other two.  The horses had 2 sachets each starting 3 days before.   I was worried that Basil wouldn't eat his food with that in there as he is quite fussy but the lovely apple smell (and flavour apparently) ensured that was no problem.  Chesney is not usually fussy with his food so I didn't have any worries with him!  Unfortunately, I don't think it made any difference, I had read some good reviews on the internet but for my two I don't think it worked at all.  
I also had a CD with firework noises on which I played for about 2 weeks before hand.  I gradually increased the volume until it was on the loudest possible (I had an old mini stack system with quite big speakers).  As I mentioned in my blog I wasn't sure that this would go as loud as the fireworks, and it didn't!  
I also tried putting cotton wool in the horses ears but they just shook their heads until it came out!
So, unfortunately, despite my preparations the horses were still extremely distressed and frightened.  Basil kicked 2 holes in his stable walls and was bucking and trotting around the stable, Chesney was also trotting around and really upset.  I was surprised though that they didn't get particularly sweaty which seemed odd.  I tried to keep calm and confident and talked to them soothingly  at a safe distance - they just seemed to want reassurance that everything was going to be OK.  Eventually, they were over and when we were all (horses included) sure there were no more they quite quickly settled back down.  I stayed with them for a while afterwards as when the first group went off Basil was having a drink and I was concerned he might get colic but he seemed to be fine.

This is how close they were.

So I am relieved that it is all over again for another year, they were fine every other night with the odd firework going off.  It is just this huge really loud and really close display that upsets them.  I can't understand how people can be allowed to have such huge displays in their garden in a village they should only be allowed at big venues away from animals!
I hope you and your animals managed to get through this firework season safely.

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