Monday, 2 February 2015

5 Questions, part 2!!!

Following my blog a couple of weeks ago about a challenge on  Cara Leigh's blog, .  This is the second set of my questions  ..... 

Which is your favourite picture of your horse?
Last time I chose a picture of Chesney, this time I thought I would pick my favourite one of Fidget!  He looks so comfy and relaxed in this photo and it is one of the few occasions I have been able to get near when he is lying down.  It was taken in 2008 so he was about 14 (we think) he has his summer coat and a smart mane - although I'm not sure I had trimmed his forelock enough!

What is your favourite breed?
I don't think I really have a favourite breed.  When looking for a horse I don't really look at the breed to be honest.  They all have their good points.  My first pony was a mixture of things.  I have had two thoroughbreds; Josephine and now Basil, Chesney is part thoroughbred and part unknown (but something big). I didn't choose them because of the thoroughbred blood though.  I am not sure what Fidget is although he may be Exmoor!  Actually, I do quite like riding cobs too which I have been doing a bit in my riding lessons.

What are the 3 best things about your horse?
Basil has a lovely temperament and is really sweet.  He has the most fantastic canter and is brilliant in traffic (although he doesn't like plastic bags!).  I can think of more than 3 but they top the list!

 Basil is really loving selfies!

Which is your favourite equestrian book?
This is easy for me, one I have done a blog review on - 'Up Up and Away' - The Biography of Be Fair by Lucinda Prior-Palmer, see my blog here.

What is your least favourite thing about riding/horses?
There are a few things I am not keen on - like poo picking the field, but my least favourite thing is having freezing feet and having to dismount.  It always feels like your feet are going to shatter!

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