Thursday, 26 February 2015

Photo Day

We are definitely enjoying the slightly warmer weather - I hate having frozen toes - but the mud ....

 ....  let's just say it is pretty bad!

About this time of year I start panicking, no grass, mud everywhere, the field has never looked so bad!  Actually it looks just about the same every year in February/March and every year it DOES recover.


There are little signs of spring, the snowdrops are out on the lane and the birds are singing more (I am sure they are)!

So it can't be long now, there must be little grass shoots appearing soon.

Still, Basil and I are enjoying the bright crisp days too and getting out and about with our hi-viz kit!

Poor Daisy is still having a difficult time with the neighbours cat chasing her up trees, but she feels safe when I am about!

Chesney and Basil have started moulting their winter coats, Fidget is still hanging on to his at the moment!

It will soon be time to start our Spring makeovers .....

mane pulling and trimming .....

tail washing and trimming .....

and general beautifying (is that a word?).....

so that they all look super smart for summer, can't wait!

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Until next time!

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