Monday, 23 February 2015

5 Questions - part 3

The third set of questions for a challenge on  Cara Leigh's blog, . 

 1. Which is my favourite picture of my horse?

Today is Basil's turn.  I have chosen this one because, although it is really just a head shot, the reason for the photo says so much.  So many people say horses don't have as much personality as ponies.  I don't agree with this, Chesney and Basil prove me right every day!  I had been taking photos of the horses in the field for a blog post and was on my way in - Basil just left the others and followed me then stopped and posed!  I had to take the picture....

2. What advice would you give your 18 year old self?

Follow your dreams, I saw a quote a few weeks ago which I think is PERFECT!

“Choose a job you love,
and you will never have to
work a day in your life.”

3. What size horse do you prefer to ride?

Personally, I prefer to ride horses between 15.2hh and 16.2hh.  I find anything smaller difficult to wrap my legs around.  Horses bigger than this I generally am not strong enough or tall enough to get the best out of!  I am 5'5" tall.  Although, with Chesney as he grew up with me and my leg length he was pretty good!

4. What is your daily routine?

This varies from weekday to weekend - I post a vlog every month which gives you an idea of what my weekends are like.  Click here to see my You Tube channel  HorseLifeandLove.  The weekdays I am up about 6.15am to feed, change rugs and turn the horses out before I muck out and fill the haynets before work.  Sometimes I have the opportunity to ride or lunge in the week which is great!  In the evenings then I get the horses in about 4.30/5.00pm feed them, pick out their feet and change rugs.  They generally get a quick brush in the week, although I try to do something a bit better mid-week.  In the winter they are usually wet and muddy so this can't be brushed anyway.

5. What is your main riding strength and main riding weakness?

This is a tricky question.  I know that quite a few bad habits had crept into my riding during the years I wasn't having lessons. I think those habits are gradually getting fewer now though.  My main weakness really is my confidence.  I think I have never been a hugely confident rider as I always tend to think things through including what could go wrong.  That means that I am not always brave enough to really push myself, although I try!  My main strength I think is that I am generally a quiet rider, this means that (as long as my nerves are in check) horses tend to remain relatively calm and not get stressed by my riding.

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